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Demand for the total closure of the "Made in Germany Lager System" of Friedesdorf and Marke

Diese Deklaration vom Januar 2013 ist nur auf englisch und französisch verfügbar

We demand for the total closure of the “Made in Germany Lager System” of Friedesdorf and Marke.

We denounce vigorously the “autocracy” and “Diktat” of the Foreign Office, which recall us the neo-colonial era, which remains etched in our memories.

We refugees are better than nothing, they downgraded us to the “Second class”

We call on the relevant authorities to put in place, rather a mechanisms to decentralize  all refugees to a decent and human conditions of life.
We denounce the silence, of the senior responsible, high level political policy officials.

We demanded the total closure of the “Made in Germany Lager System” of Marke and Friedesdorf , after the events of successive deaths of our comrades died in miserable and shameful circumstances, in “Lager” of Friedersdorf, due to the isolation.

We remind the discriminatory order, the behaviours and policy of the Chief of the “Lager”  of Friedesdorf, which uses a method of division to govern us, that will not withdraw us back not to  achieving our legal rights.

The living conditions of refugees in the “Lager” is contrary to the Geneva Convention for  refuge and sanctity of human beings.
We lament the commercialism, manipulation and instrumentalisation of refuge by subjecting them to psychological disorders, which affects many refugee, despite the influence of isolation.

The “ Flüchtlingsinitiative Wittenberg Sachsen Anhalt-Bitterfeld “ call for an international public opinion concerning the precarious conditions of lives that we refugees live in the camps of “Friedesdorf” and Marke.

We Denounce the primitive living conditions, which we are forced to, without any proof of Proceedings 

Solidarity to all refugee in repression!

Contact in Bitterfeld ( Friedersdorf)
Oumarou Ousman Hamani