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Flüchtingsdeklaration anlässlich einer Torblockade am 30. April 2013

Vorbemerkung: Diese anlässlich der 5-stündigen Blockade der Zufahrtstraße des Lagers am 30. April 2013 veröffentlichte Deklaration liegt leider nur auf englisch und französisch vor. Weitere Informationen über die Aktion können unter anderem einem Presseartikel in der Mitteldeutschen Zeitung entnommen werden.

Refugees demand for the permanent closure of the isolated Camp of Friedersdorf and Marke and and say stop to the racist, primitive and harmful behaviours, of the head of the Camp.

Flüchtlingsbewegung Sachsen-Anhalt, The Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants and The voice refugee forum with solidarity from “Antira-Sachsen-Anhalt” decided on April 30, 2013 to barricade the entrance to the camp of Friedersdorf , to interpellate once again the responsible authorities in their silence concerning the permanent closure without delay the Camp of Friedersdorf and Marke, where the conditions of lives of refugees is chaotic, horrible, disastrous and inhumane, where we live in the  Camp of Friedersdorf and marke.

Demand that all of us refugees be decentralized in an apartment, in view of respect for our human dignity, and not leave us in the Jungle with the system of Made in Germany Camp, is an abuse. This steamroller in which we refugees live with psychiatric disorders and hallicination can get us into a collective suicide, of which the responsible competent authorities would be held responsible for, of allowing us to live in bush that is totally isolated, which is contrary to the Charter of Human Rights.

We refugees in Camp request and demand the non-renewal of the lease contract, which will expire in 2013.

Refugees say Stop the racist , primitive and harmful behaviours, of the head of the Camp.

Regarding the affair of “Mr.” Rosenberg, we Refugees in Friedersdorf have repeatedly interpellate the responsible authorities on the Racist, primitive and harmful behavior, which are an animosity towards Refugee in the Camp.

Mr. Rosenberg because of a problem snake been discovered in the Camp, told the refugees “you who live in Africa with bugs, you did not have to complain about here.

He takes all his time to put refugees in anger, with his fascist behavior. He hides the letters of refugees and bring it out when it has expires, you all see up to what extent the fact is.

The Mr. has no place in the Camp of Friedersdorf.
Call on the authorities the implementation of the unconditional departure of Mr. Rosenberg from the Camp of Friedersdorf.

At the moment we write our report May 13, 2013, Mr. Rosenberg continues coming to taunt refugee in the camp in violation of the manifestation that refugees have about him, this is the second time that the refugees expelled him from his office and he keeps coming.

All refugee in the camp of Friedersdorf slam silence, sad, unhappy and accomplice, compared to the case of Mr Rosenberg, where the authorities insist on keeping him as the head of the Camp of Friedersdorf.

We Refugee from the Camp of Friedersdorf, take the opinion of those who happen to witness, as far as our grievances are not resolved in the shortest possible time, we will conduct a no thank letter, to succeed our demands. No matter the cost.

Oumarou Hamani Ousman ( Friedersdorf)
Tel: 015206302191
Flüchtlingsbewegun Sachsen anhalt, The Voice refugee forum and the Caravan Wittenberg