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Februar 2016 | Festival "Welt ohne Grenzen" in Bamako (Photos & Video)

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From 5th till 7th of February, the festival „Monde sans frontières“ (World without borders) took place in Bamako / Mali, organised by the group „Faso Kele“ in cooperation with Afrique-Europe Interact. During 3 days, the festival took place in three different districts of Bamako, in Mayambougou, Djélybougou and Samaya. The performances of music groups, comedians, theatre- and performance artists and film screenings achieved a lot of attention and very positive response among the populations in the neighbourhoods, attracting people of all ages. With the performances, also political messages against the border regime presently aiming at restricting the freedom of movement of African people, against land grabing and poverty and for the vision of peace, justice and solidarity beyond all boundaries and borders could be carried accross. Besides the artistic programmes, also workshops on topics related to the struggles of Afrique-Europe Interact could be held. On every day of the festival, the „Alarmphone“ for migrants and refugees in distress at sea was explained to the audience, taking into consideration that a lot of young people from Mali think about leaving for migration and in this case, they should at least not leave without the number of Alarmphone in their pocket. On 6th of February, a message of commemoration for the people who were killed by border guards at the Moroccan-Spanish border on 6th of February 2014 was delivered by the participants of the festival, relating to demonstrations in Rabat and Berlin on this international memorial day. Among the participants of the festival „Monde sans frontières“ (World without borders) were, besides the people from Bamako, also delegations from Kita (a region from where many people left for migration, with a lot who lost their lives in the deserts and in the sea), from Kourouma (a village in „office du Niger“, an area which is strongly in the focus of land grabing practices) and from Ouagadougou / Burkina Faso. In this sense, the festival was an important occasion for exchange of ideas and experience and better knowing each other between the different existing sections of Afrique-Europe Interact.



Anlässlich einer Pressekonferenz im Vorfeld des Festivals ist im Januar 2016 in den Abendnachrichten des malischen Staatsfernsehens folgender Beitrag über das Festival ausgestrahlt worden: