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Bamako-Dakar-Tour 2011: Newsletter Nr. 1/July 2010

Several groups and networks from Africa and Europe have started to get involved in the preparation of a 2-3 weeks Action-Tour from Bamako to Dakar in January/February 2011 – including participation at the next meeting of the „World Charter of Migrants“ on the Island of Gorée/Dakar (2nd till 5th of February 2011) and the next „World Social Forum“ in Dakar (6th till 11th of February 2011).

Bamako-Dakar-Caravan: Newsletter No. 2

Our first newsletter was send in july 2010. Since then a lot has happened – especially what the preparation of the Bamako-Dakar-Caravan is concerned. In this context the annual meeting of the AME (Association of the deported people of Mali) on the 23/24 of october in Bamako/Mali has played an important role; also a small delegation of the european 'section' of our network has participated in this meeting. Therefore the newsletter consists of two parts: While in the first part there will be current information about the network and the Bamako-Dakar-Caravan the second part holds a short report of the journy of our delegation to Mali.

Bamako-Dakar-Caravan: Newsletter Nr. 3

After many discussions the African Preparatory Group outlined a timetable for the Bamako-Dakar caravan. Especially the coordination with the other caravans was difficult, as each caravan has its own schedule and their own political priorities. Currently we will meet the caravan “La caravanes des mouvements sociaux Cotonou Dakar” in Bamako on the 30th of January. All the other caravans will be met shortly before arriving in Dakar.