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Caravan Bamako-Dakar meets caravan Contonou-Dakar

31 January Today, the activists of the Afrique-Europe-Interact network met with a
another caravan of more than 200 people. This caravan, travelling to
Dakar from Cameroon via Togo and the city of Contonou in Benin, focusses
on the injust politics of debt as well as displacement of people from
their lands. Representants of both carawans presented their respective
demands in a publing hearing.

Subsequently, about 80 people spontaneously marched towards the local
representation of the European Union. Speakers denounced the EU border
regime and demanded the abolition of Frontex, the EU's border agency.

For about one week, the two carawans will travel towards Dakar together
with the next stopover being the city of Kayes. From all regions in
Mali, Kayes contributes the largest number of emigrants to Europe…