For Freedom of Movement & Fair Development!

Demonstration at the border post of Gogui

On the way from Nioro to Gogui.
European Union, CIGEM, ONG - politics against migration.
Gogui, on the way to the migrants camp.
Borderguard Gogui.
Demonstration in Gogui at the mauretanien border.
Demonstration in Gogui.
Demonstration in Gogui.
Demonstration in Gogui.
Demonstration in Gogui.
Demonstration in Gogui.

Gogui 29.1.2011
An engine breakdown led to an unexpected stop in a village on the way to Gogui. There was a spontaneous exchange with the local population and once again it became clear that the inhabitants of the border region share the demand of freedom of movement expressed by the Caravan. Time and again pushed back migrants stuck in the region were supported by the local population.
At the border post – a few huts, houses and shops close to a sentry bar – a sign with the following inscription hit the eye: « Stop a la migration irreguliere – un danger pour la population » « Stop irregular migration – A danger for the population ».
The propaganda sign put there by a Malian NGO on behalf of the EU and its outpost CIGEM at the border to Mauretania seems bizarre. It is here where the Mauritanian border police pushes back migrants who have been deported from Spain or caught by FRONTEX on the sea near the West African coast by force.
This being said Afrique-Europe-Interact made a short symbolic demonstration on this place of externalized deportation and exclusion and left several small signs of protest: posters and stickers against FRONTEX.
The propaganda sign mentioned in beginning was completely covered with paint and pasted over at the end.