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26.02.2013 | Victor Nzuzi – Human Rights Activist under threat

A family tragedy was taken as a cause to arrest a human rights activist in DR Congo.

Since many years Victor Nzuzi is politically active in various fields: the support of subsistence and small scale farming in the transnational movement La Via Campesina, for the debt relief in the initiative CADTM and for free movement and just development in the transnational network Afrique-Europe-Interact. In the national elections of 2011, Victor Nzuzi stood as an independent candidate. He is also a very active Radio and TV journalist. In his programs he often talks about critical issues as e.g. land grabbing, corruption. Victor Nzuzi was released after a day of questioning, but the criminal case is proceeding. The judge threatened him to hold him responsible for the death of a relative who lost his life in a tragic incident if he would go on with his political work, especially his Radio and TV broadcasts.