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25.04.2015 | Ferries not Frontex! 10 points to really end the deaths of migrants at sea

On April 20, the Joint Foreign and Home Affairs Council of the EU released a ten-point action plan outlining their response to the recent deaths of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. Many other proposals have also been made over the last few days. We are activists who have been involved in the struggles against the European border regime for several years and who have been in touch on a daily basis with hundreds of people who have crossed the Mediterranean through Watch The Med and the Alarm Phone project. Faced with the hypocrisy of the “solutions” that have been proposed so far, we feel compelled to undermine their falsity and attempt to open up an alternative space for reflection and action.

1. We are shocked and angered at the recent tragedies that have claimed at least 1200 lives in the Mediterranean Sea in the last week. We are shocked, although not surprised, by the unprecedented number of deaths in merely a few days. We are angered because we know that without a radical change these are just the first of many more deaths to come in 2015.

10.10.2014 | Manifestation in Bremen on the occasion of the beginning of the "Watch The Med Alarm Phone"

On the occasion of the official beginning of the “Watch The Med Alarm Phone” several actions and press conferences have taken place in different places in Europe. In this context Afrique-Europe-Interact has organised an action in Bremen as well. Unfortunately the call for this activity is only available in german. Nevertheless we would like to emphazise that the local media have covered our action in a very committed way.