Short report about an action in front of the UNHCR office in Tunis

More informations about Choucha can be found on this website at the following place (on english, german and french)

This morning we were at the UNHCR office in Tunis, where refugees from Choucha, who are accepted, but did not get resettlement, are on a sit-in since almost 6 months. With a delegation of two Germans, two Italians and one refugee from Choucha, we asked to talk about a responsible person of the UNHCR and Julia Gouyou Beauchamps, adminstrator for external relations, talked one hour with us. First we asked about the 15 places for resettlement mentioned in the newspaper “Sabah” of 2nd sept. She said it was a misunderstanding and these are no new places but refugees waiting for a long time to be resettled to USA and Canada.

First (informal) report of the action days for freedom of movement in Tunis

following a first short interim-report from Tunis, where we started last weekend with a series of meetings and workshops for the common-actiondays (as announced some weeks ago as you can see again in the call attached). today we had a first protest in front of the eu-delegation building in Berges du Lac/Tunis to support the group of refugees from Choucha, who are accepted by UNHCR but without resettlement slots. they started their sit-in in front of the UNHCR building already end of march, and they continue this outdoor-protest since more than 5 (!) month. a delegation talk today with an UNHCR representative brought no news, they simply refer to the end of the resettlement program and that they cannot push eu-countries to provide more places.