For Freedom of Movement & Fair Development!

EU-migration-policy & struggles for freedom of movement:

no-racism This Website documents racism and its consequences in everyday-life and politics in Austria, in Fortress Europe and in certain contexts also on an international level. (language: german and partly english)

Fortress Europe Blog of Gabriele de Grande about violation of human rights at the EU-external-borders, especially in North- and Westafrica (language: mostly italian, but many translations in several languages)

Migreurop Network of European scientists and Non-Gouvernment-Organizations, who work for the disclosure of the systematically organised exclusion of sans-papiers in Europe. Brings the increasing number of deportation camps to the public. The Website contains many important articles (language: mostly french, partly english, german and spanish)

Borderline Europe The Website documents violations of human rights at the EU-External border. One of many main topics is the situation between Italy and Lybia (language: mostly german)

Hamburger Flüchtlingsrat Following the key-word „EU-Migrationspolitik“ one can find numerous articles about EU-migration policy and concerning the situation of transit-migrants in north-african countries. Extensive reports about protests against EU-migration policy (language: mostly german, partly english and french)

No Border The Website of the former No Border-Network informs extensively about transnational noborder-actions und -networking in Europe and beyond

Lesvos 2009 The Website informs about the situation at the exteral border of the EU between Greece and Turkey – documentary of noborder-activities in 2009 and 2010 is included (language: english)

Frontexplode Website of the transnational campaign against EU-borderguard-agency Frontex (language: english)

Frontexwatch Critical documentary of Frontex‘ activities (languages: german and english)

Crossing Borders – transnationaler Newsletter The newsletter supports transnational networking of anti-racist and migration-related grassroots-initiatives. It is publihed twice or three times a year and covers different topics in the fields of freedom of movement, struggles of refugees and migrants and EU-migration policy (languages: german, english, french and other)