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Actions in Europe

Since 2012 several activities against landgrabbing and food-speculation have taken place in Europe (organised by the german section of Afrique-Europe-Interact) – among others a 24-hours blockade of the “Deutsche Bank” in Bremen in Germany.

Unfortunately almost all informations concerning those events are only available in the german version of this website – including several videos which might be interesting even without skills in the german language.

2nd of june 2015 | Solidarity ralley for Sanamadougou and Sahou in Berlin

On the occasion of an unlimitted sit-in of the two villages Sanamadougou and Sahou, which is planned sometime in june, the European section of Afrique-Europe-Interact has demonstrated in front of the Malian Embassy on the 2 of june 2015 in Berlin – in addition a crowdfunding-campaing for the support of the sit-in was started. Detailed information about the conflict over land between Sanamadougou and Sahou and the Malian investor Modibo Keita you can find on this website here

The Connection between Urban and Rural Areas

Report on the solidarity work with peasant movements in Mali by Olaf Bernau. This text has been first published in the monthly journal ak – analyse & kritik in april 2015

Since 2012 the transnational network Afrique-Europe-Interact has been forming alliances with small-scale farmers in Mali, who have been affected by different forms of land grabs. In this report we want to take stock from different perspectives, to join the processes in Mali to the debates on transnational organizing and internationalistic solidarity work in Europe.

The scene that takes place in March 2015 seems completely anachronistic from a European perspective: A very old and blind village mayor, sits down in front of his doorless hut between two other very old men. The three of them want to welcome the 12-member delegation of the transnational network Afrique-Europe-Interact (AEI), among them three activists from Europe.

24th & 25th of November 2014 | Manifestation in front of chancellery and Ministry of Developement

A written report about this activity is unfortunately only available in german. Instead of that we can only present a short video clip and some pictures.

The video clip can be watched directly at youtbue as well

August 2014 | Manifestation in front of the malian embassy and a german ministry in Berlin (including photos)

More information concerning the action: see below. The international appeal of Afrique-Europe-Interact pour Sanamadougou and Sahou can be read here