For Freedom of Movement & Fair Development!

22nd of May 2015 | Protests on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of FRONTEX in Rabat (Morocco)

With reference to several protests in Europe which have been initiated by the CISPM (Network in Germany for the International Coalition of Sans-Papiers Migrants and Refugees) in Marocco selforganised refugees and migrants have protested against Frontex as well.

Action Days against FRONTEX - Overview from Morocco

On Thursday, the 21st May – the 10th birthday of FRONTEX – activists fighting for the freedom of movement gathered in Rabat in order to protest against Fortress Europe. In the framework of the international ANTI-FRONTEX action days (see the call-out here: we joined the actions which were organised by activists in Warszawa (Poland), London (Britain), Madrid and Barcelona (Spain). We met in the African Cultural Centre in Rabat (Agdal) in order to scandalize the lethal politics of the EU and its agency FRONTEX. The speakers underlined that FRONTEX represents a strong securatisation of migration policy which is the reason for thousands of deaths at the European borders. We agreed that the European Union is conducting a war against migrants, but unfortunately, African leaders are accomplices in this inhuman policy.

In the afternoon, we went to the representation of the EU in Morocco, in the Ryad neighbourhood. In front of the entence we protested with some strong slogans. Half an hour of “FRONTEX – murderers”, “FRONTEX – criminals” and “Open the borders – let us pass” had some effect: some
responsibles came out to talk to us. Although we explained the relations between migration and the exploitation of Africa by Europe well enough, the EU representatives answered with empty phrases and lies. Which is why we will continue to struggle, against FRONTEX, and for the freedom of movement!

We send our greetings to all the others who protested in different cities. Stop the War against Migrants!