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“Let them drown!” The rise of Frontex-Rösler

Like no other, Klaus Röser embodies the evolution of fortress Europe. In the 1990s, as a German federal border guard in Schwandorf, he was significantly involved in the development of the new border regime along the Neisse and Oder. On the 9th of December 2014, as one of the bosses of Frontex international, Rösler appealed to the Italian government to refrain from rescuing boat-people when they launch SOS calls beyond the 30 miles coastal zones of Italy. Rhetorically, he pointed to the responsibility of the Libyan coast guards which, as is known, does not exist for many months anymore due to renewed war-like conflicts.

In other words: Klaus Rösler has appealed from a top position in a EU agency to let many people die. This should not be accepted from a representative of the EU agency Frontex, and neither from Frontex itself nor the EU Commission responsible for Frontex. He will be accountable for the coming mass dying off the coast of Libya if SOS signals are received but not responded to with rescue operations.

In Schwandorf in the 1990s, Klaus Rösler tested the tracing and dragnet controls of Kosovan, Kurdish, Turkish and Iraqi refugees in practice and theory and then advanced it on a EU-level, through the German border police and informal Schengen groups. His mantra: repression of refugees as the repression of traffickers and smugglers as repression of so-called organised crime. This brought him a steep advance in his career: via Munich and international deployments up into the Frontex headquarters. He was and is part of everything: in the installation of the European Border Surveillance System (Eurosur), in the advancement of the horrible Greek border regime toward Turkey, as well as in the replacement of the Italian Mare Nostrum Operation (sea rescue) through the Frontex operation Triton (border repression) (which was pushed by the German government in the background).

In the past few weeks, Klaus Rösler and his Frontex team were unable to enforce their “new level of cruelty” in the sea-space between Italy and Libya. The MRCC Rome insisted to follow their humanitarian obligations and rescued hundreds of men, women and children in distress. But Frontex has obviously not given up and it thus remains necessary to stop Rösler and his murderous campaign in the Mediterranean Sea both on a European and international level.