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Ebola: Information-Video for the broad population (Sierra Leone)

Please watch the video directly on youtube

Filmmakers at WeOwnTV and the Sierra Leone Film Council have produced a series of short video public service announcements (PSA's) for wide distribution on local television and radio to help sensitize the country about the current Ebola disease epidemic. We are seeking $10,000 to duplicate and distribute DVDs and VCDs, translate the films into 8 local languages as well as 2 international languages, and air the films daily on Sign Africa billboards and via other non traditional outlets.

Rap against Ebola (Senegal)

Please watch the video of blog-activists in Senegal directly on youtube

18.06 2013 | Deportation Chain - Police Brutality at Nigerian Embassy

December 2012: Refugeeprotestes in Vienna. Interview with Khan Adalat

Khan Adalat tells about his history and it came that he started becoming active in the refugeeprotests.

June 2010 | Speech of Osaren Igbinoba at the Caravan-Festival in Jena

“Unite against colonial injustice in commemoration of the victims of Fortress Europe”: Under this motto, a festival took place between June 4-6, 2010 in Jena. The word “festival” is in this context the expression of our political struggle to present the central elements of neo-colonial exploitation and the related consequences in a creative and very specific form to the public.