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The Self-Concept Of Our Website

The main goal of our website is to provide information about the political activities of Afrique-Europe-Interact. This obviously includes documents such as articles, surveys, etc. about relevant issues. However, we would like to state explicitly that we are not an archive. The articles we have selected are only supposed to provide basic information about the respective subjects, which is why we have deliberately limited their amount.

Equally important to us is the fact that the website is trilingual. This, in our opinion, is a basic requirement without which transnational cooperation wouldn’t even be possible. That said, it should not be forgotten that mainly African languages are spoken and understood in Africa. We want our website to do justice to this at least in a basic form, which is why we are going to upload videos in African languages right from the start.

The political work within our network is organised entirely on a voluntary basis. We therefore do not have sufficient capacity to translate all texts and articles, but have to stick to those documents that in some way appear especially important to us (unless we can use existing translations). This is particularly true for the category of ‘issues’. For ca. 50% of its subjects we have not provided translations; instead, we have collected articles about the relevant subjects that are written in the respective languages. Anyone who is interested in translating texts for Afrique-Europe-Interact (from and to any language) is very welcome to contact us.