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Struggles against camps in Germany:

Deutschland Lagerland This website provides information about campaigns against refugee-camps in Bavaria/South of Germany (language: german)

Abschiebelager schließen – No Lager Refugee self-organization ' The Voice' and the 'Caravan for the Rights of the Refugees and Migrants' together have started a new campaign against the forced housing of refugees in camps (languages: among others english, german, french)

NoLager Halle This website informs most of all about the struggle against the refugee-camp Möhlau (language: german)

Bündnis gegen Lager Berlin/Brandenburg The alliance organises protests in both Berlin and Brandenburg

NoLager The website of the former NoLager (Anti-Camp)-Network (2003-2007) contains articles concerning the german, european and global camp-system in german and english language, documentary of actions of the NoLager-Network is included. (languages: mostly german and english)

Deutschland Lagerland For several weeks in autumn 2006 refugees in deportation camp Blankenburg-Oldenburg were on strike. The website provides information about what happened. (languages: german, english, french and otther)