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10th of December 2014 | The refugee and community activist Mimi is dead

Who has paticipated in the last years at the refugee protests in Berlin knows Sista Mimi in any case. Because it wasn't possible not to hear her. At the 11th of December Mimi has died. She was only 36 years old. Some months ago she has told in a touching interview about her live and her dreams. The video can be watched directly at vimeo itself as well

Some Photos of Mimi: In her figth for the rights of refugees, migrants and poor people

a) By Osaren Igbinoba, The Voice Refugee Forum

Sister Mimi was a community activist. Power to the people to remember her!

I just discussed with a friend in Jena about the death of our comrade and sister, Mimi from the International Women Space of O.Pltz refugee protest in Berlin. Who died today, 11th of December. I knew her during the refugee protest in Berlin in 2012. She was a Pan African activist from Kenya.

Memi was a grassroots community political activist who lived in Berlin. She was one of a few activists who devoted the last years for the refugee movement to struggle against the marginalization and against the discrimination of migrants in Germany. No body is legal – Her prensence in duty and in the dignity of the community was a leading factor in the unity of our resistance to break the culture of isolation and deportation in Berlin.

More information her death and ceremony will be gladly honoured in the community.

Solidarity and equal treatment were obvious in her struggles. We will be remembered in rest with our ancestors.

In honour, Osaren

b) By her friends & comrades in Berlin

Yesterday evening, the Berlin refugee movement lost one of its most important activists: Sista Mimi.This morning at 12:30 in front of the Ohlauer school, right in the middle of Mimi’s memorial ceremony, the police arrested another refugee activist from the school.

Mimi, our most charismatic human rights refugee activist, Djane, Kreuzberg icon of the anti-evictions struggle, left us yesterday evening. This is a great loss for the Refugee movement, for Kreuzberg, and for all of her numerous friends. She was sick for a long time, but refused to leave the place of resistance in the heart of her „Kiez“, no doctor or nurse was allowed in to visit her. She probably didn’t take her treatment as she should have, but who knows, as no health expert can confirm this. The imprisonment of the school inhabitants, the deprivation of the basic right to receive visitors at home, denied the opening of their international social center… Isolation kills.
This morning, a memorial ceremony took place in front of the Ohlauer school, where she lived and struggled for the last 2 years. In the middle of tears, flowers and candles, the police quickly arrested another important Roofugees activist, right on the other side of the street. No one had expected such shameless, reckless harassment of the activists of the school, while mourning their lost sister.
Already yesterday, a giant police operation was executed under the pretense of a fire escape inspection: security matters. The ten police busses were only there to „protect“ the Bezirk’s handworkers. 3 activists were arrested during the raid, 2 of them are still detained, doors to private rooms were forced open, personal objects were stolen. Obviously the police were looking for some particular people, but 2 are missing from the count: Mimi and N., brutally arrested this morning.
The charges against N. echo the death of Mimi as well as the police raid of yesterday: they want to finish us. N. could be detained for a longer time and condemned with a serious penalty and further faces potential deportation.
STOP the political killing of the movement!