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Transnational Chain of Actions (2008)

In February the chain of actions started as an attempt to create a new form of transnational cooperation and communication within the migration-related network. The following comprises some sentences from the common call and brief reports from the respective stations. More information can be found at and a first evaluation is planned during the ESF in Malmö.

Report from the Bamako meeting with deported migrant workers

By All included

19.Apr.08 – On the 15th and 16th of march 2008 about 200 people attended a meeting on migration and deportation in the Malian capital Bamako organised by the AME, a grassroots organisation of deportees. This 'Association Malienne des Expulsés' wanted to pass on the experiences of the deportees from European and African countries to the 'candidats au départ' and discuss the repression of the sans-papiers in Europe and the almost complete sealing off of Africa by to the extended European border control.

Report on 'Des Ponts pas des Murs' in Paris 17th of octobre 2008

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16.Feb.09 – With 300 organisations under the call and 1000 participants the euro-african summit Des Ponts pas des Murs (Bridges No Walls) in Paris on the 17th of october 2008 was the counter summit for the Euro-African Inter-ministerial conference on migrations and development in Paris held on the 25th of november. Des Ponts pas des Murs was the second counter summit after the summit in Rabat on the 30st of june and the 1st of july 2006 which lead to the Rabat Manifesto on Migrations, Fundamental Rights and Freedom of Movement.