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Bamako: In memory of Lampedusa

On the occasion of the latest boat disaster in front of Lampedusa the Association of the deportees in Mali (AME), who ist involved in Afrique-Europe-Interact, has published already on the 21 of october a declaration – together with the Malian leage for human rights an Amnesty International/Mali (see below as PDF). The core concerns are the following:

  • We criticize the culpable silence on the side of the African governments in the face of these dramas
  • We demand from all countries to comply with the right of freedom of movement, which is an recognized universal right
  • We remind all countries of the respect for the principle of equality and dignity
  • We call for a mobilisation around the question of migration

On the 3rd of november the AME and the Malian section of Afrique-Europe-Interact have organised a commemoration day for the dead of Lampedusa in the district Dschelibougou in the open – with speeches, exhibitions and films. In this context Ousmane Diarra, the president of the AME declared: “ The tragedy of Lampedusa shall never recur ! We ask the Northern African states to finally stop their complicity with Europe. The European politics of defence is not conformable with the human rights. Europe has to open its borders – for refugees and for migrants ! “

More information you can find on the website of the AME

AME about Lampedusa

Download ame-declaration_sur_lampedusa.pdf - 256 kB