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No Lager - Nowhere (Video)

Everywhere in Europe resistance against refugee camps and detention prisons is taking place – partly visible, partly invisible: A common production of activists all over europe – german/engl, 39 Minutes, Berlin 2005. The 5-minutes sneak preview can be seen here: No Lager – nowhere

Germany: Anti-Lager-Action-Tour 2004 (Video)

17 days the NoLager Network has travel in Summer 2004 from camp to camp in order to support the resistance of the respective inhabitants. The video sneak preview is showing among other things pictures of demonstrations in the forest – on the way to isolated located „jungle homes“. The call of the Anti-Lager-action-Tour kann be read here

European Camp System

NoLager-Network (2006)

Although our protest focusses on single camps like Bramsche-Hesepe, we always have the development of the European camp-system as a whole in our view. When we speak of the European camp system we are referring to the fact that at the moment a system of different camps, which are complementing one another, is set up inside and outside the European Union with a very high speed.