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Project Return: travel companions wanted!

»For eight long years, I had to live isolated and discriminated against in a refugee camp in Mecklemburg. The European politics of forclosure starts in Africa already, these days. We have to fight against both. Back then, I fled from a dictatorship in Togo, now I want to support the resistance against corrupt and dictatorial regimes in West Africa.« Bruno Watara, Berlin

…back where we started from…

15 refugees and migrants are travelling back to Africa, where they will tell of their flight history, of their experiences on their way up North, and of their struggles in the European Elsewhere. It is a journey that will need your support, as the travellers are in need of tickets and provosions for the road. They are hoping for your concern and solidarity in the process. Become a travel companion and support this project with a donation.

»I would like to talk to women who were deported due to white racism. I want to get to know their situation – and see if it is similar to mine that I had to endure before I fled from Togo. I would like to know how they defend themselves against sexual violence, and how they stand up for their rights. I would like to figure out how us women there and here can fight together and attain our dignity.« Adjovi Boconvi, Dortmund

From Bamako to Dakar

On January the 25th 2011, a very special journey commences in Mali’s capital Bamako. African human rights activists, political activists, and former deportees are going to demonstrate for the right to free movement and just developement for all humans in a high-publicity event. The bus caravan heads via 10 interstops to Dakar, Senegal, where the World Social Forum begins on February, the 6th. What is special about this is not only the political journey of about 200 activists through Africa, but also the participation of 50 people from Europe. Refugees and migrants are present in this, who have been through the European border-, camp-, and deportation regime the hard way, in person and body, and who succeeded in fighting this regime. Now they are heading BACK. In order to render this direct, international exchange of experiences and struggles possible, the Afrique-Europe-Interact initiative depends on financial travel companions.

Each journey is in need of 1000,- Euro subsidy. Please donate 100 Euro or more for the journey of the refugees and migrants! 150 travel companions make the project BACK perfect. We are counting on your solidarity.

»As a refugee from Congo, I tried to get to Europe via North Africa. I was stuck in Morocco for four long years, because the European border police Frontex is blocking all escape routes. Now I would like to travel to Mali and Senegal to strenghten the call for freedom of movement at the World Social Forum.« Emmanuel Mbolela, Amsterdam

All travel companions will receive – unless requested otherwise – up-to-date accounts during the tour, as well as a documentary film in form of a DVD, following the tour; and they will – unless requested otherwise – be named on the website as travel companions of the Caravan.

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