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Call for Donations

War against Refugees and Migrants

It would be wrong to label Africa as a mere catastrophe continent. Nevertheless, there is no way getting around the fact that in most sub-Saharan countries, major parts of the population exist on the brink of or below the subsistence level. Which makes it all the more dramatic that the EU has been waging a dowright war against refugees and migrants since the mid-1990s. More than 20.000 humans have lost their lives to the military amarment of the external EU borders, already, and in addition, there are mass deportations and grossest of human rights violations – within the EU, as well as in transit countries like Morocco or Libya.


Our transnationally organized Network Afrique-Europe-Interact is a direct response to the present situation. Diverse grass-roots initiatives from Germany, Mali, the Netherlands, and Autria are participating – not least self-organized refugee- , migrant-, and deportee- groups. With our activities, we want to make a contribution to the implementation and enforcement of the civil, political, and social rights of refugees and migrants, particularly concerning the right to global movement and freedom of domicile . Of no less importance to us is the right to stay resident, that is, the possibility to live one’s life under secure, dignified, and self-determined conditions at home, respectively in the countries of origin. Therefore, grass-roots initatives and networks that fight neo-colonial relations of dominance and exploitation, also belong to Afrique-Europe-Interact – exemplarily mentioned should be the presently proceeding sellout of african grounds to globally operating investment funds, banks and corporations.


What unifies us is the shared belief that the present conditions can only be changed, if social grass-roots initiatives from Africa and Europe work together as equals, engangingly, and directly, on a large scale. Afrique-Europe-Interact thus calls for a transnationally composed Bus-Caravan from Bamako to Dakar, including a joint attendance of the next World Social Forum in Dakar ( Jan. 25th to Feb 11th 2011). An estimated 250 participants are expected – 50 thereof from Europe – the Caravan, moreover, will be accompanied by several journalists and media activists from both continents. The concrete aim of the Caravan on the one hand is to intensify our collaboration with locally positioned groups in Mali and Senegal, and on the other hand the buildup of political pressure. So alongside exchanging experiences and public meetings, several campaings are planned – amongst others against the EU external borders agency Frontex.

Donations requested

The Caravan is not exactly inexpensive, all the more so as many activists would not be able to participate without collective aid – cue: precarious living- and working- conditions. Afrique-Europe-Interact is therefore urgently dependent upon donations. The following expense items may serve as an orientation:

1x broadcast Caravan TV spot in Mali: 153 Euro ( $ 203)
1x flight ticket Frankfurt-Bamako-Frankfurt (for 20 persons, each) 650 Euro ($ 860)
1x initial purchase public address system for the Caravan (will stay in Mali) 2.300 Euro ($ 3.045)
1× 4-page mass-newspaper as taz-insert (11.24.): 4.000 Euro ($ 5.300)

Basically every donation is welcome – be it 10, 100, or 500 Euro. Those who donate a lot will receive a thank-you video documentation of our Caravan in spring 2011 (what constitutes a lot is left to each and everyone’s discretion). Apart from that, donations are tax-deductible, so please convey address where applicable. The respective updated donation requirements can be accessed on our website.

Mail: – cell phone: ++49 (0)1578-4852921