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World Social Forum in Tunis 2015: Input about the EU border angency Frontex

During the World Social Forum in Tunis Afrique-Europe-Interact has organised together with other migrationrelated organisations a workshop about a campaign against Frontex. The long version of the input which has been made by Conni Gunßer of the refugee counsil in Hamburg and Afrique-Europe-Interact can be downloaded here.

The workshop was announced with the following text: Push back Frontex! No more left-to-die cases at sea!

After the end of “Mare Nostrum” and the launch of the Frontex operation “Triton” in the Central Mediterranean Sea, there is an ongoing power struggle between the Italian navy and coastguard on one hand and Frontex on the other, concerning rescue operations beyond the 30 miles zone off the Italian coast. Frontex director Klaus Rösler openly called for a termination of rescue operations near the Libyan coast, which, in fact, means leaving people in distress to die in this area as the Libyan coastguard does currently not exist. We want to launch a short-term campaign against this policy of Frontex, the murderous EU border regime and for the rescue of all boatpeople!

Download push_back_frontex__vortrag_auf_wsf_in_tunis__2015.pdf - 13 MB